How does Late Jump In/Catch Up work? 

Below you’ll find the class schedule. You are welcome to attend class in either location. You can also find this information on our website, 

One of the perks of Ace Test Prep is that the class doesn’t have a beginning or an end date. Each of the lessons stands alone, and you are welcome to “jump in” to the 16-week cycle at any time. There is no registration deadline, and we will spend one-on-one time with you to make sure you get up to speed in time for your test date. 

You can find the latest class times and locations in the bottom right-hand corner of the homepage, The Provo address takes you to Ameritech College, where classes are held. 

What makes Ace different and the leader in the Utah market? 

The first thing that separates Ace from other test prep programs is our results. Other test prep programs increase scores by an average of 7-10 points where Ace is nearly double that. This is accomplished from a number of things offered only through Ace: 

  1. Lifetime course access- once you pay for the course you can continue attending or logging on until you feel ready to take the test.
  2. 18 years of instruction- the instructor and founder of Ace has been teaching this material for 18 years. In many other programs you will likely be taught by a student who has scored well on the LSAT. While knowledgeable, this is similar to the difference between being taught by a TA versus a professor.
  3. Starter kit- we base our instruction on you and your individual needs. To do this we start you out with a practice test and personal analysis to help you setup your study plan. Then you know exactly what it will take to get the score you are after.

    We also offer each student a free, 30-minute one-on-one with our instructor, so that together you can formulate a strategy for the LSAT that works with your schedule, timeline, law school goals, and abilities. 

Does Ace offer private tutoring? 

We do offer private tutoring, both online and in-person. You can find full explanations and pricing here:

If you would like to schedule a tutoring appointment, please call 801-895-2231 and we will be happy to arrange a time that works for you. 

Can I upgrade my online account to join the live class? 

You are welcome to join our live class at any time. The cost is simply the difference between the online program and the live program. If you are in the OnDemand Gold program, the upgrade cost is $500. If you are in the OnDemand Platinum program, the upgrade cost is $250. 

Give us a call, 9am-5pm MST M-F, and we can take care of your upgrade. 

How can I get my questions about the tests answered? 

To get answers or explanations to test questions, we have a few options. 

Got a minute appointments- These appointments can be set up by calling 801-895-2231. You will then be scheduled for a time to speak with one of our tutors for 15-minutes free of charge. This is perfect if you just want to understand one question, or need some clarification on one of the lessons. If it goes beyond the 15 minutes you will need to set up an actual tutoring appointment. 

Will you/Do you offer live classes outside of the Provo or Salt Lake offices? 

At this time we do not offer any in-person live classes outside of Utah. With that being said, when you purchase any of our courses you can access the live classes online and watch them in real-time or ondemand. For many students this has been incredibly helpful, and our online students increase their score on average by 12 points. All online students also have access to the Saturday test explanations, and can ask questions via our Facebook page or Got a minute appointments free of charge. 

Why should I go through a test prep company rather than studying on my own?

Studies show that students who study on their own will increase their LSAT score on average by 5 points. If you are already scoring within 5 points of your target score studying on your own is probably the best option.

If you are not one of those lucky few, you will likely need help via a test prep company. The truth is, studying for the LSAT is not like studying for any other exam. In contrast to most exams you will take in your life, the LSAT is a strategy-based test instead of a knowledge-based test. What this means is, you are being tested on your ability to learn and adapt- not your ability to retain knowledge.

The LSAT is a world of its own and more often than not, any outside knowledge you bring into the test is more of a liability than an asset. To overcome this you need to learn the strategy of the test. This can be done by going through a test prep program.

Are there any discount programs available?

We do not offer any discounts at this time. We do have payment plan options to make payment more feasible. If you have any questions on payments, please call us at (801)895-2231 or visit this page: