Joint JD MBA Programs

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Joint JD MBA Programs

For students interested in pursuing a career in corporate law, a joint JD (Juris Doctor) and MBA (Master’s of Business Administration) degree might be a good strategy to improve marketability and increase knowledge. Many schools offer JD/MBA programs; see if the option is a good fit for you.

What is a JD/MBA Program?

A JD degree:

  • Is the typical degree earned in law school.
  • The Juris Doctor is a professional doctorate degree.
  • Most students earn this degree in a three-year law school program.


  • Is a master’s degree in business administration.
  • The MBA prepares students to be leaders in the business world.
  • This degree, offered by business schools takes 2 years to complete.

A combined JD/MBA program:


  • Allows law students to also receive an MBA during the time that they are in law school.
  • Many students choose specific law courses that focus on corporate law during their second and third years.
  • The MBA curriculum also adds to the student’s knowledge base and allows the student enrolled in both to specialize.

What are the Advantages of a JD/MBA?

The biggest advantage to a joint program is that students are able to save both time and money:

  • JD and MBA programs separately take 5 years to complete; a joint program allows students to complete both in typically 4 years.
  • Students may receive credit for courses at both schools simultaneously, reducing the amount of overall coursework.
  • Students may participate in internships specifically for corporate law during school.
  • You may be able to gain admittance into a higher-ranked school for either law or business, once you are admitted to one of the two programs.
  • You improve marketability with both degrees, for just a little more time and money.
  • Your career options are expanded by earning both degrees; you can work in a variety of fields.
  • Your earning potential may be higher with both degrees.
  • You’ll have a significantly increased depth of knowledge about business and corporate law practices.

How to Enroll for a Joint JD/MBA Program

To enroll for a JD/MBA program, you’ll need to take several steps:


  • Take the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) and the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). You’ll need scores for both.
  • Apply both to the law school and the business school of a university. You may decide to undertake the application processes at different times, if the application deadlines work out.
  • Remember that law schools and business schools have different criteria for admittance. Law schools focus on academic performance and your LSAT score; business schools want to see several years of impressive work experience.
  • Contact an advisor (there’s usually a liaison at schools that specifically offer a joint program).

ac75Accelerated Programs

Many schools now offer an accelerated JD/MBA program that allows students to finish both degrees within the normal 3-year period it takes to complete law school. These programs will be even more specifically focused on corporate law, since the law school portion of the program is condensed.

Joint JD MBA Programs

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