LSAT Prep Courses

OnDemand Gold Course (click here for pricing)lsat

Does your hectic life keep you from attending a live class or studying regularly? Our OnDemand courses are built to fit your schedule, and with an average score increase of over 12 points, they are also designed to help you reach your goals. If you are serious about ACE-ing the LSAT but are unable to attend a live class, this option is perfect for you.

OnDemand Platinum Course (click here for pricing)

asuranceReceive the very best live instruction from the comfort of your own home. Our OnDemand Platinum course is not for the faint of heart. It is designed to help the serious LSAT taker reach their scoring goals. With over 20 more previously administered LSATs there is plenty of work to do. If you are looking to get into a Top-14 school, or to get a scholarship to your dream school, this course is perfect for you.


LIVE COURSES (click here for pricing)teach

Like the online live course, our live, in-person course is designed to help you reach your scoring goals. Our class averages scores in the 90th percentile and a 14-point increase.  You receive between 72-144 hours of live instruction, access to all previously administered LSATs, and score-analysis tools to help you focus your study. This class will help you in achieving your law school dreams. Whether it’s attending a T-14 school, getting a massive scholarship, or both, we will help get you there.


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