Private Tutoring

No matter where you are in the country, or what you are currently scoring, ACE Private Tutoring can help you reach your goals.

Why Tutoring?

All of ACE’s tutors have scored in the 99th percentile on the LSAT, so they know what it takes to get the score you are after. They have the tools to help you reach your goals and get you into the school of your dreams.

Tutoring is focused on you and where you are in your progression. With the score analysis tool, ACE tutors can hone in on the areas where you struggle the most. They help you get through focused drills to turn any weakness into a strength.

It is far more affordable than you think! Let’s be honest: the most expensive thing you can do is get into law school without a scholarship. In addition to giving you the first half-hour FREE, with ACE you can purchase anywhere from 1 to 60 hours of additional tutoring at a low cost. These tutoring hours help you get a return on your investment by increasing your chances at getting a scholarship to your dream school.

First 30-Minutes FREE

5-Hour $700

10-Hour $1200

20-Hour $2250

40-Hour $4000

64-Hour $6850

Open-Ended $150/hour

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